The South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club
 The South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club            


Welcome to the South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club web site


The club currently run in tandem and are ACU affiliated to the North Western Centre for the Mersey Club and the Cheshire Centre for the South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club.


The clubs are both motor cycle sport based and participative in both support and riding in events


We are a small group who are involved in adult observed trials, vintage sprinting and provide technical support for other events.



The next trial to be run was the :- Foster Cup –  4th  February  2024  --    

THE TRIAL IS CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS IN THE TEAM. The club applogise for this short notice but there are no alternatives at the moment .Up dated 02/02/2024


                            Run by the South Liverpool club for over 30 years, generations have ridden trial and come back each year. POST CODE OF START  LOCATION OF START CH7 5NZ

                            Suitable for all adult classes, duel routes for experts and club riders, the course is 3 laps of 12 sections set up up to provide a challenging but enjoyable ride in the beautiful Welsh Countryside


Allan Owens handles the Trials Entries and Organisation, contact phone numbers below.



Club officials and their contact names :-



·          Allan Owens  Foster Cup Trials Organiser          0151 474 5785 -


·         Tom Leah                         01695 733930  - Club Secretary & Treasurer –  


  RESULTS FROM  FOSTER CUP   trial will be on the Cheshire Centre Web Pages - Trials Results.


If you require any information please give us a call